• 20FW 'Balance It All'

    We suggest a collection inspired by 'Mobile,' called the moving sculpture, among the works of ‘Alexander Calder’, the pioneer of kinetic art. We have paid more attention on completing a perfectly balanced design for this collection which inspired by “Mobile” that look different from mom...

  • 20SS 'Dinard Collection'

    Summer 20 season, LOEUVRE presents ‘Dinard Collection’, inspired by the ‘Le Grand Hotel’, located in the Dinard region of northwest France. The ‘Le Grand Hotel’ is a representative social space and inspirational place for Belle Epoque-era celebrities, which was the golden age of art in Paris...

  • 20SS 'Noir Collection'

    20SS LOEUVRE begins again with “Noir Collection” We focus on trendy expressions of the harmony of LOEUVRE’s geometric shape, new kind of hardware, exotic materials and glamorous ornaments that reflect the period’s inspiration of ‘Belle Epoque-the beautiful time’. Also, it is best expressed...

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